Risk and Vulnerability Assessment

How exposed are you? How much risk are you willing to take?

Unpatched and outdated systems. Weak passwords. Buggy Programs. Vulnerabilities within computer systems and networks are inevitable. Finding and fixing these vulnerabilities before they can be exploited is essential to the security of an organization’s information systems.

What Is A Risk And Vulnerability Assessment?

A vulnerability assessment is used to discover vulnerabilities in an organization’s systems. It is further extended with an analysis of the risk faced by the organization, should these vulnerabilities be maliciously exploited. However, it stops short of actually attempting to exploit these vulnerabilities.

Why Are Risk And Vulnerability Assessments Important?

A vulnerability assessment provides an overall picture of an organizations security posture. It allows you to find and plug holes in your security framework before the are discovered by malicious users.

How Do Risk And Vulnerability Assessments Work?

The assessment starts by defining the scope of the operation. This is to determine which systems will be assessed. A scan and analysis of the the systems is then performed with the view of finding and fixing any vulnerabilities encountered.