Security Audit

Slips in policies could lead to costly drops in security!

Security Audits are an important part of an organization’s security framework. They are necessary in order to verify that required policies are being enforced and best practices are being followed.

What Is A Security Audit?

A security audit is a systematic technical assessment of an organization’s systems. It is used to check whether the organization is following recommended standard security policies and procedures. It may involve performing checks of access controls, physical access, and security scans, as well as conducting staff interviews.

Why Are Security Audits Important?

Audits aid in verifying if an organization’s current security strategy is adequate or not. It is useful in identifying flaws in the security framework in order to have them resolved before they can be exploited. Additionally, for some organizations, it will help to show compliance with industry regulations.

How Do Security Audits Work?

The scope of the audit must first be defined in accordance with the organization’s objectives. Thereafter, appropriate tools and methods for performing the audit can be determined. Once this is complete, the audit can be carried out, culminating in a detailed report of findings and recommendations.