Data Sanitisation

Your old hard drive may tell much more than you think!

Many persons choose to dispose of their old computers by giving them away or selling them off. If the hard drive is not sanitised before it is passed on, a lot of valuable data could be exposed.

What is stored

Anything that is saved on the computer is saved on the hard drive. This may include personal information and other valuable data.

How data Deletion Works

When data is deleted from a computer, it doesn’t actually go anywhere. It is simply marked as deleted. The actual data can sit on the drive indefinitely until it is overwritten. This allows for recovery of deleted data.

What is Data Sanitisation?

Data Sanitisation is the process of completely and irreversibly destroying the data on a storage device. It is therefore not limited to hard drives. At Oak Shield I.T. Security, we will ensure that your data is securely deleted so you can rest assured that your information is safe.