Expert Witness

Evidence collection must be forensically sound for it to stand up in court!

Evidence encountered during a forensic investigation may be used in a court of law. In such cases, an expert witness may be required to give an opinion on the evidence presented. Oak Shield I.T. Security stands ready to testify on evidence presented in court.

Role of The Digital Forensics Expert

A digital forensics expert can make or break a case. Evidence must be gathered and analysed by a certified computer forensics investigator who can observe proper digital evidence collection procedures for preservation of data. In the courtroom, a digital forensics expert can help jurors to understand the importance and significance of your electronic evidence.

Expert Testimony at Trial

Any evidence presented at trial should be backed by expert testimony. A computer forensics examiner should explain how the evidence was analysed. It is also important that the expert witness is able to explain complex technical concepts in clear, comprehensible, non-technical language.

Expert Witness from Oak Shield I.T. Security

At Oak Shield I.T. Security, we will provide professional digital forensics support at every stage of your case. If you need a computer forensics expert, contact us today.